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Social Investing in India: Landscape study & Investor perspective

India has a rich culture and ecosystem of social enterprises, non-profits and many other social purpose organisations that serve the needs of many segments of society within a vast landscape. However, for a foreign investor looking for impact investing or … Continue reading

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Teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

Most school-going children are still rigorously provided skill-sets and build attitudes that belong in an earlier age when kings, nobles or religious leaders wanted to sustain a military-feudal power structure through obedience. Not discovery. Most universities still teach specialist skills that belong mainly in large-scale, … Continue reading

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Hullabaloo over everything – Part 1

While we write this (10th March 2009), the next weeks would possibly be marked by “newer concerns” about deflation. China has reported deflation the first time since 2002, there are whispers about India heading to it too, soon. Are these real … Continue reading

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The Art of Business

Possibly one of the most important barriers for a would-be entrepreneur to overcome is the fear that she/he can’t really match up to the reigning titans of business. One way to overcome it is to ask: why do I want … Continue reading

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