Teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

Most school-going children are still rigorously provided skill-sets and build attitudes that belong in an earlier age when kings, nobles or religious leaders wanted to sustain a military-feudal power structure through obedience. Not discovery.

Most universities still teach specialist skills that belong mainly in large-scale, assembly-line industrial environments. Not holistic and multi-dimensional thinking.

Most business schools still teach that the market is a battlefield where strategies and tactics are needed to fight marketing wars. Where business transactions are a zero-sum game where someone must lose for someone else to win. Despite all the “management buzz”, its not collaboration that is taught.

What if we began teaching kids to be entrepreneurs from the time they were small? And truly work their way, with others, into success?

Cameron Herold, TEDxEdmonton, video on Youtube: Teaching Kids to be Entrepreneurs

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1 Response to Teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

  1. Lavin M. says:

    Interesting thought and agree with it.
    TiE Mumbai has recently initiated such a program called TiE bizworld. (http://bizworld.tiemumbai.org)

    The learnings and observations from kids being taught entrepreneurship in an experiential learning environment is phenomenal. I kept getting surprised by the things that kids under 14come out with at such young age.

    Indeed entrepreneurship needs to be seeded in young minds to leverage this countries demographic spread.

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