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On Decay: Bad or Good

You may ask, “How much process should we depend on, and how prescriptive or restrictive should we make them?” You may also point out that processes start off with very good intention, but with time – and often distance from head office – the processes decay. And you would be right.
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On Process: Passing On the Genes

Growth needs replication and predictability. Biology gives us a great lesson in how to replicate learnings and functionality: genes (DNA) provide the template for cell functions, and are reproduced almost faithfully from previous generations. In a business, such replication comes from well-designed processes incorporating the intent, the activities and the desired outcomes. Continue reading

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On Evolution: Change Happens

With much turmoil in the business environment in the last year or so, it is evident now that it is not just the small companies that are vulnerable. The change in the environment is also giving new growth opportunities to the smaller or younger, previously vulnerable, businesses. Continue reading

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