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Social Investing in India: Landscape study & Investor perspective

India has a rich culture and ecosystem of social enterprises, non-profits and many other social purpose organisations that serve the needs of many segments of society within a vast landscape. However, for a foreign investor looking for impact investing or … Continue reading

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10 Books for Start-ups and Small Businesses

For someone who loves books and dislikes naming favourites, it’s tough to quickly make a list of only 10 must-read books. There are so many valuable books an entrepreneur can learn from that this list is only a starting point, … Continue reading

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On Process: Passing On the Genes

Growth needs replication and predictability. Biology gives us a great lesson in how to replicate learnings and functionality: genes (DNA) provide the template for cell functions, and are reproduced almost faithfully from previous generations. In a business, such replication comes from well-designed processes incorporating the intent, the activities and the desired outcomes. Continue reading

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The Art of Business

Possibly one of the most important barriers for a would-be entrepreneur to overcome is the fear that she/he can’t really match up to the reigning titans of business. One way to overcome it is to ask: why do I want … Continue reading

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Growth in Recession

I’ve just spent a few (grim) days at the National Retail Federation’s conference in New York – the NRF Annual Big Show. (After all that grimness, I hope you’ll pardon my play on words in the title!) However, the key … Continue reading

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